welcome to all !!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gulshan ki faqat phoolon se nahi

kaaton se bhi zeenat hoti hai

jeene ke liye is duniya mein

gham ki bhi zaaroorat hoti hai

who deserves love?

have you ever felt that maybe the tears that you shed are not justified? and how does it feel after all the day of crying that you could have done much better with your day?
if you have not experienced this let me tells you
it feels sick and more sick by each passing second,
and if you have experienced it then maybe you could better identify with what i am about to write.
most of the pain and trouble , i feel , resides inside us. and its not caused by others or what others say to us but how we reflect on things. many times you start seeing and feeling things negatively. you feel that what every one is saying is just not in good spirit. that's when you should really get a grip.
just exactly when we feel that there is not enough love around we must realise that we are not passing enough of it to the others.
well what works for me then is to realise that firstly i m not a total goner and i still have goodness in me and i can set it right.
stop thinking about stuff that you cant control.
when you don't realise whose fault it is just never blame others.
and also don't ever ever be over critical of yourself. always realise that there will be times when i will feel negatively about others but i will never want to hurt anyone. give yourself space. you are trying to change your frame of mind its a big deal. just congratulate yourself for trying and have faith on yourself.
life is shining for you, but no amount of light will be enough if you always keep comparing it with the glitterati around you.
and love , its all around you and when you love people you will get it back.