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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i am an avid believer in destiny. though not a very optimistic one. i use it as a means to vent my frustration about the seemingly unexplainable ups and downs in life. there is no better way of passing the burden when you just don't understand why u are being put through the tough times.

however it seems so strange that destiny and all associated so called "intellectual" bakwas comes to our mind only when we are in our "down" phase. happy times never generate such insight in the mind. this simply means that we humans are more or less fluctuating in our opinion towards life.

reacently sitting with a group of girlfriends someone raised the topic of what we wish to have in our lives. considering we are a group of 20 somethings this topic seemed apt. and the answer was somewhat common. we all wanted a handsome and well off guy to get hitched, a good career and yes few babies to make a complete picture. and ..... for some it just went on and on from the kind of salary to the kind of husband and here as we all know the list of must haves was endless.

but on of my friend had it put very simply for her. she just wanted to be happy. considering what she has been through recently( details cant be mentioned for personal reasons) it seemed like a tough call and the only thing important in life.

and a few months back that was the only thing important for me too.actually it still is.

people with similar losses in life have similar cravings. though yes some recover quickly some take their own time.

but we all do recover, yes provided destiny wills us to